Carlos Taveira (Piri)

A Feather For Pumpkin

A Feather For Pumpkin


Create Space, Fiction 186p, ISBN-10: 1519662505
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A tale around Pumpkin a charismatic female vulture who refuses to eat carrion. (Carlos Taveira & Harry Tinders).

It is about intrigue, politics, power structures, feminism, evolution, friendship and even sex and murder. Change is difficult for the best of us and evolution is not easy on those left behind. Adapt or die, the saying goes. But what if adapting can cost you your life? What if the pressure to stay as you are is unbearable? What if your contemporaries fight to keep evolution at bay? An unlikely hero and his medley of eccentric friends tell their story of fighting to survive in a changing world. This is the true story of events that are normally hidden from human gaze. Told by those that we do not normally see.

Notícia em PORTUGUÊS
A FEATHER FOR PUMPKIN (C.Taveira & H.Tinders)
«Uma pena para Pumpkin», é uma auto publicação em língua inglesa. Trata-se dum conto alegórico à volta de Pumpkin, uma carismática abutre que recusa a condição de necrófaga. O leitor será envolvido numa rede de maquinações políticas e lutas pelo poder, afirmações feministas, evolução animal, amizade, sexo e assassinatos.


"Yeah, sure, you can write it down: I am a vegetarian vulture. Ha ha, it still sounds…freaky. No, I am not the first. To be honest, I never thought it was possible and no way did I want to get involved in such nonsense. I am, by nature, a scavenger – my stomach acid can strip paint and my beak slides through dead skin and muscle with ease. I can withstand the most disgusting of odours and eat things that will kill other animals, especially humans. I am made this way: to assist Gaia in the disposal of the dead.
     Pumpkin, my…girlfriend…partner…not sure what we are called but anyway, she was the pioneer Now, she wasn’t always called Pumpkin. Before her conversion, we called her Princess. She was such a picky eater. When times are tough, vultures can eat fruits, grasses and rotting pumpkins but as I recall, she was always fond of veggies. We used to laugh at her tastes but her appetite for veggies grew and grew and grew. By the time we got ogether, half of her intake was vegetables. At the start, nobody was particularly worried; we laughed and changed her name from Princess to Pumpkin... and that was all."

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